Summer Wardrobe Finds

Summer Wardrobe Finds

This month, with the gradual moving out of lock down looming, I figured I’d better get used to wearing something other than leggings. Not easy when we have suddenly hit daily sunshine but my wardrobe is suitable for the snow queen.

Of course at the moment we mainly need to shop online for clothes (I’m even a bit too nervous to spend any longer in the supermarket, other than buying our groceries) which has made me look around the web a little more than usual.

One lovely find has been Silk Fred. Have you heard of them? Fab for dresses. The fabric has been beautiful.

Next have also been easy. I usually go for ASOS but currently I’m finding a lot of what they offer is the wrong shape for my body. I ended up returning a huge bag to them which didn’t leave me feeling great.

I’ve also ordered a few of my own T-shirts as I’ve switched suppliers. I have heard they will be super soft 🙂

Anyway here are my faves so far. I’ve a few more bits to come so will add them here and share in insta.

Where do you shop?

Dotty Dress
Geometric Earrings
Spot Dress
New Normal Tee
Dalton Tee (on sale!)
Star Print Tee
Leaf print dress
Blue Maxi Dress
Floral Dress
Spot wrap dress
Emma Willis Dress

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