“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen”

Brene Brown

I find these about things so hard to write. I’m just a “normal” woman, working full-time, juggling that with a family. It’s messy, but it’s our messy and we love it.

We have had our fair amount of struggles but I am passionate of making the best of any situation, finding the positives.

I LOVE cooking. I go through phases of lighter, “healthier” meals, then phases of indulgent, moreish ones. You’ll find recipes for both here for you to make yourself.

We bought our own home a couple of years ago so there have been a few before and afters as we makeover each room, doing everything ourselves (no hidden decorators we can’t afford here!).

I hope this space gives you a little entertainment, relaxing browsing or helps in some way. Thanks for stopping by

Jules x