Dining Room Makeover

We love having friends and family over for meals (and games nights) so we held out for a house that gave us a separate dining room. Originally it was dark and unloved in here. Whilst we aren’t quite finished (the floor is being replaced at the end of our decorating journey) we love that it’s a bit of eclectic style. You can get away with that in an entertaining space can’t you? We may also add a picture to the chimney breast when we finally agree on one and a chair in the corner under the snowflakes. The giant wooden fork and knife were a vintage shop find my son bought for £2, his addition to the room!

I did the panelling n the large dark wall myself. It’s so easy, but pulled the room together at the end.

I also made the central white table tray using some left over wood, nails, “No nails” and paint. Then adding fake foliage and candle holders.

This room has been through a few changes, such as my husband painting the alcoves yellow at one time! but we love how it feels to sit in here as a family each day to eat or an epic game of monopoly.

As usual everything is linked at the bottom if it’s your cup of tea.

Steampunk Light
Dining Chairs
Glass hanging candle holders
Neon Print
Bronze Lamp
Side board
Radiator Cover
Paper Snowflakes
Dining Table and Bench

This list contains affiliate links. This doesn’t cost you any extra. It just means the brand give me a few pence if you do use my link. I bought everything myself.


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